Amber Valley Borough Council elections 2019

Borough Council elections, May 2019 

The 2019 local elections across England were the most successful ever for the Green Party seeing 75 councillors re-elected and 198 winning for the first time.

Congratulations in particular to Joanna Collins and Charlotte Farrell elected in Hope Valley, High Peak and also to Matthew Buckler in Stanton and Neil Buttle in Tideswell on Derbyshire Dales Council. Green representation for the first time on these two Derbyshire District councils.

However, the standout result was the election of the first ever Green Borough Councillor for Amber Valley with Dave Wells winning in Duffield with 1,394 votes, fully 62.9% of the vote. A ringing endorsement from the people of Duffield for the hard work of Dave and all the team in Amber Valley Green Party.

Across the whole of Amber Valley 3,689 people voted for Green candidates, 15% of all votes cast at these elections, showing a significant section of our local community is keen to move beyond Conservative versus Labour and want to see a real alternative tackling local issues from a green perspective.

 Leo Swarvett                       
 Will MacFarlane
 Steve Kennedy
 Belper Central    
 Did not stand
 Belper East
 Sue MacFarlane
 Belper North
 James Brooks
 Belper South
 Julie Wozniczka
 Dave Wells - elected
 Sarah Johnson
 Heage & Ambergate  
 Joe Smith
 Kilburn, Denby & Holbrook  
 Tom Carter
 Steve Elliott
 Mike Jones
 Amber Valley total


We look forward to fighting elections again in 2020 and we are already identifying our candidates for the seats that will be contested then. Could you be one of them – if so please get in touch.

Candidates will be needed in the following:-

Belper Central
Belper North
Codnor & Waingroves
Heage & Ambergate
Heanor & Loscoe
Heanor East
Heanor West
Ironville & Riddings
Kilburn, Denby & Holbrook
Langley Mill & Aldercar
Ripley & Marehay
Shipley Park, Horsley & Horsley Woodhouse



The Borough of Amber Valley comprises: 

All of the Amber Valley Constituency, which comprises the wards of Alfreton, Codnor and Waingroves, Heage and Ambergate, Heanor and Loscoe, Heanor East, Heanor West, Ironville and Riddings, Kilburn, Denby and Holbrook, Langley Mill and Aldercar, Ripley, Ripley and Marehay, Shipley Park, Horsley and Horsley Woodhouse, Somercotes, Swanwick, and Wingfield.  

From Derbyshire Dales Constituency, the wards of: Alport, Crich and South West Parishes.  

From Mid-Derbyshire Constituency, the wards of Duffield and Belper Central, East, North and South.  

We campaign on local, national and international issues and look to stand candidates in local and general elections.



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