Duffield welcomes Dave's recycling petition

2 January 2019

Amber Valley Must Do Better. That is Dave’s verdict on the borough coming 299th out of 350 in the national recycling league table.

And now is the perfect time to make sure that the council does move up the table.

The borough’s waste collection contract is due for renewal in 2020 and if it negotiates a better deal with the contractors it will help us all to improve our recycling.

‘That’s why I’ve been knocking on your doors asking you to sign a petition asking the council to implement important changes for the future,” said Dave.

“I’ve been delighted with the positive reception I’ve had from people in Duffield. Your signatures will help to make sure the council does what we are demanding.”

One of the biggest problems is that a lot of recycling is contaminated because we are unsure what we can put in the grey bin.

Stella Sherratt, one of the residents who signed the petition said: “I agree that we need stickers on our bins telling us exactly what we can recycle as it can be confusing, especially with plastics and food containers. We all want to do our bit, and the council should help us to do that, not be satisfied with such a poor record on recycling.”

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