Information from our local Green councillor Dave Wells, who represents Duffield.

4 June 2020

Dave's lockdown notes:

It’s been good to see how the community has come together – I’d like to again thank Duffield Coronavirus Support (DuCS) for co-ordinating help for our vulnerable people. I’ve enjoyed playing my small part in delivering shopping and helping out where I can.

There’s no getting away from the devastating impacts of coronavirus, but it’s interesting to see that nearly 70% of Britons believe that climate change is as serious a crisis as the virus, according to a recent Ipsos survey. 

Nationally, this will mean we need to pressure for a more sustainable economy to protect us in the future. And it’s also important that we ensure that decisions that affect our local communities are made properly.

Across the country, including here in Amber Valley, local council meetings aren’t taking place – virtual meetings are being planned, so I hope there will soon be some progress with these.

A cycle lane for the A6? – To help us keep a safe distance on public transport during the COVID-19 crisis, the Government is keen to promote ‘active travel’, which could see us all walking and cycling more.

Local authorities are being asked to re-allocate space on roads for this, and I am supporting the Derwent Valley Cycleway group and others who would like to see a temporary cycle lane on the A6.
Other possible actions include “school streets” (restricting traffic around schools at pick-up and drop-off times), 20mph speed limits, and pedestrian and cycle zones

How you can help:

Active Travel - let me know if you support these ideas, and if you know of any streets in Duffield where such measures could work, please let me know. This is a great chance to try these things out. If they work, we could make them permanent, and improve our own and the planet’s health.

Plastic Free Duffield – With organised street cleans impossible under coronavirus restrictions, we’re going digital.

As part of a national Plastic Free Communities Campaign, we’re asking you to photograph any discarded plastic packaging you see on your walks around the village, upload your photo to Instagram or Twitter, tag Plastic Free Duffield, tag the company it originally came from, and add the hashtag #ReturnToOffender

The idea is to help put pressure on government and industry for change. If you don’t have Instagram or twitter and want to find out more, see:

Hope for the future

Contact tracing could be the key to defeating the virus, and local authority environmental health officers have great skills and knowledge to help with this. I’ve written to Amber Valley’s Executive Director to see what part they can play.

At the time of writing, we’re still waiting to hear from the Government, so look out for updates as things develop on this.

In the meantime, stay safe – get in touch if there’s anything I can help with, and I hope to see you around the village soon.

Dave Wells and his trusty bike

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