6 February 2021


The Climate and Emergency Bill, drafted by scientists, lawyers and academics, was due to have its second reading in Parliament on 26 March. This has been postponed, but Dave still wanted the support of the Council to increase its chances of passing into law. It provides a framework for tackling the climate emergency and delivering the UK’s commitments to the 2015 UN Paris Climate Agreement.

In his speech to the Council, Dave said:

“Last year was the hottest on record; and over the last 50 years population sizes of mammals, birds, fishes, amphibians and reptiles have fallen by 68%. Every warning light on the dashboard is now flashing red.”

The Bill addresses both climate change and the nature crisis, requiring the government to act on both greenhouse gas emissions and the protection and restoration of natural habitats. It also proposes the creation of Citizen’s Assemblies to involve people from across the UK in deciding on policies to protect the environment.

Following the vote, the Council will now write to local MPs, asking them to support the Bill.

Dave commented:

“I am delighted that the motion was passed and that Amber Valley Borough Council supports action to protect our planet. This should not be a party-political issue – it’s one that affects us all, and the time to act is now.”

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