Green news in Amber Valley including a report from Green County Councillor Gez Kinsella

9 October 2021

Meet our new Green campaigner

Alison McDermott has joined the local Amber Valley 'Green team' as a Green campaigner for Duffield. Alison said: “My sons and their friends asked me to get involved. A lot of people are like me – their children are pushing them to be greener.”

Architect Alison will be using her expertise to support Councillor Dave Wells’ work on the Local Plan. She said: “I want to help Dave get the best Local Plan we can for Amber Valley, to protect our area’s Green Belt and character while building well insulated, sustainable housing.”


Greens win again in Belper

Belper and Milford residents have shown their overwhelming support for the Greens in the Town Council by-election.

Jamie Walls was elected to represent Belper South, winning 40% of the total vote. He joins Steve Kennedy, the town’s first Green Town Councillor, and Gez Kinsella who represents Duffield and Belper South on Derbyshire County Council. 

Jamie describes his victory as “a vote for hope”. “People like what the Greens are doing,” he says, “We are different from the other parties and local people can see the hard work that Gez and Steve have put in to make a positive difference. People want a new direction, a new way of working collaboratively, and I’m proud to be part of that.”


hedgehogHedgehog help 

Duffield resident Eva Long is encouraging people to help hedgehogs. As a Hedgehog Champion, she is promoting the Hedgehog Street Campaign which encourages people to create holes in their fences so hedgehogs can travel in search of food and a mate.

Find out more at, the Duffield Hedgehog Community Facebook page or call Eva on 07436 774979.


Update from Councillor Gez Kinsella

It’s been a busy time in Duffield and Belper South. These are just some of the issues being addressed by your Green Party councillors:

School Streets
As a result of my work with Councillor Dave Wells and William Gilbert School in Duffield, Derbyshire County Council is setting up a working group to explore the introduction of School Streets across the county. This would restrict traffic and parking around schools at the start and end of the day, improving safety, supporting children’s health, and reducing congestion and carbon emissions.

Following concerns about speeding on Cumberhills Road in Duffield, I have secured agreement from the Council for traffic speed warning signs. I’m delighted with the feedback I’ve received from residents: “Councillor Kinsella has been outstanding – responsive, sympathetic and swift to act. Just what we need.”

Sharing not Wasting
In Belper, I’m enjoying my voluntary work with Sharing not Wasting. I’ve also secured some funding for Blue Box Belper, a charity that supports communities on the Parks Estate.

Climate change: you can help

Climate change is happening. Now. We are seeing more floods, more droughts and more fires around the world.

You may feel helpless in the face of such huge issues, but you can do something which helps to make real change happen.

You can join the Green Party to add your voice to the fight. More members means we have a bigger voice and can help our local councils and government take the urgent action we need.

Join the Green Party to add your voice to the fight. Please visit

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