Greens celebrate House of Lords defeat of draconian government ideas

21 January 2022

With Greens supporting the power of collective action, Labour were persuaded to vote in the House of Lords with our Green heroes. Jenny Jones and Natalie Bennett were up until the early hours voting on the government’s Police and Crime Bill.

They were able to hand a staggering 14 defeats on the government in one historic evening, with a further 5 government amendments being withdrawn

During the debate, Jenny spoke in the House of Lords saying the Bill would grant more oppressive powers to the police to use against the voiceless. “This is an autocracy, not a democracy."

Other highlights;
✊ House of Lords voted against amendment 133A, which would have prevented activities that obstruct vehicles entering or exiting parliament. I.e. protests outside parliament.

✊Amendment 159 - the government's effort to impose serious disruption prevention orders Allowing people with a history of causing serious disruption to be banned by the courts from attending certain protests has also been rejected.

✊ Amendments 154 and 155 have been rejected: Amendment 154 would have granted police power to stop and search protesters under suspicion. Amendment 155 would have given police power to stop and search protesters without suspicion.
And of course, the battle’s not over, as some amendments go back to MPs for votes. But we're confident that a Green in the room changes everything, and here we have our MP, Caroline Lucas on the case.


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