DEFRA is holding a consultation about peat use in horticulture

3 February 2022

Organic and peat free

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) is holding a consultation about ending the sale of peat for horticulture.

Voluntary targets set in 2011 to phase out the use of peat and peat-containing products in the amateur gardening sector by 2020 have resulted in some progress but still around half the compost sold in garden centres is peat.

Peatlands are great for storing carbon as well as supplying drinking water, decreasing flood risk and providing food and shelter for wildlife. Peat extraction releases carbon dioxide, contributing to climate change, and degrades the peat mass reducing its capacity for storing water and maintaining healthy ecosystems.

To add your voice to the consultation, please complete the DEFRA survey which you can find here:

The survey closes on 18th March 2022.


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