We did it! We have two new Green councillors on Amber Valley Borough Council!

6 May 2022

We did it! We have two new Green councillors on Amber Valley Borough Council following resounding wins for Jamie Walls in Belper South and Alison McDermott in Duffield.

Achieving spectacular results in both wards, Greens took 55% of the vote in Belper South and just under 70% of the vote in Duffield.

Alison and Jamie will join Dave Wells on the council, meaning the Greens now have three borough councillors. Having one Green in the room makes a real difference, so having three will be fantastic and an opportunity to have a much greater influence.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped to get Alison and Jamie voted in, and for all your support along the way.

Jamie said: “I am honoured that the people of Belper South have chosen me to be their borough councillor. I want to achieve the best for everyone in Belper South and look forward to working with all councillors to make a real difference.”

Alison said: “Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me and who has supported my campaign. I am delighted and honoured to be chosen as your Duffield borough councillor and am ready to continue the good work of the Greens by making a positive influence on the council.”

Thank you, too, to everyone who voted Green in other wards. We will be analysing results to decide where next to build on our successes.



See the full Amber Valley results here:



Two new Amber Valley councillors


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