Amber Valley Green Party is one of the local parties within the Green Party of England and Wales.

Green Party Councillors represent people living in Amber Valley on Derbyshire County Council, Amber Valley Borough Council and on three Town and Parish Councils.

The Green Party is a grass-roots organisation which puts local priorities into action. Its councillors are free to vote and act on every issue – they do not have to follow a top-down party line.

A vote for the Green Party in Amber Valley is a vote for:

  • well-planned, warm, economical homes for everyone
  • freedom to walk and cycle safely, with regular, reliable public transport which links people’s houses, shops and places of work
  • a fair, sustainable recovery from the pandemic for children, families and older people, with space for nature and cleaner air

Amber Valley Green Party is an active, vibrant and friendly party. We welcome new members and supporters.

To keep up-to-date with all our activities, find us on Facebook.

Action on climate change

Greens have a record of speaking up for action to tackle the climate change emergency.

Social Justice

Greens are passionate about building a country where everyone has a good quality of life.

Our community

Community is at the heart of everything Greens do.